Church Vision Statement Confession

Through the teaching of God’s Word and through righteous, holy living, we will build a Teaching and Training Center Church to embrace the unsaved, the un-churched, and the untaught. Providing wholesome fellowship, where God is honored and worshipped, His Word is respected and all people are valued.

Through systematic instruction of Scripture and living examples, we will equip the people of God to apply God’s Word to build successful families, prosperous careers and effective ministries to the glory of God.

Through lifestyle evangelism, training each member, we will touch the lost with the love of Jesus throughout his or her various communities. We will partner with other ministries in prayerful intercession and financial support to make a corporate impact locally, nationally and internationally for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

Through a focused commitment to the present and future generations, we will assist in developing the leadership potential of each person so that they can take their place on their God assigned destiny path.

We are a Family Church, a Teaching and Training Center, a World Outreach Center, and a Soul Winning Church. Our Vision Continues, Expands and Abounds to the Glory of God!

The Battle is the Lord’s and the Victory is Ours!