Christian Outreach Center

Sacred Singles

You might ask, “What is the main reason someone would be interested in joining or participating in the Singles ministry?” The purpose and function of the C.O.C. Sacred Singles ministry is to help provide a balance for singles, showing them how the Holy Spirit is a helper in their time of need, to equip them to be confident and to handle challenges, to provide tips on godly dating, and to provide singles with spiritual enrichment. As a single person, whether never married, married then divorced, or married and now widowed, we make choices to remain single or to wait patiently for a godly mate. In any case, singles have more time and the freedom to develop their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

SACRED means set apart which is so appropriate for single men and women. Jesus said, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” This verse speaks about putting your priorities in proper order.  God is your first love and you want to please Him. When Christians have established order – God first, family second, church third and career fourth – then, wonderful things begin to happen.  For example, your spouse finds you, your promotion comes, your new home is built and best of all you enter into a complete peace about God’s will for your life, even though it may not be clear to you just yet.

Where there is joy, peace, and real love, care for one another is always present. That’s what we do in our Sacred Singles’ ministry…  Oh and don’t forget the fabulous food at our gatherings…mmm. The single’s ministry has loads of activities and events that take place throughout the year, including cooperate prayer times, singles conferences, ministry to assisted-living communities, and street ministry.   The singles also enjoy routine group outings to restaurants, movies, and plays. From time to time, we have guest speakers who come in and teach the Word of God. We receive practical directions to singles for daily living. All these activities assist singles in building healthy relationships and living a life that glorifies God.