Christian Outreach Center
Christian Outreach Center was founded in Fort Worth Texas over 25 years ago by Pastor Johnny R. King and his wife Pastor Rose M. King. Click on one of the links to the left to find a detailed history of the church along with the principles and beliefs that we stand on. Additionally, there is an overview of our key ministries. We would love for you to come and fellowship with us.

Church Declaration

  • C.O.C. Members walk in the Spirit.
  • C.O.C. Members are people of prayer.
  • C.O.C. members are known for their genuine love (agape)
  • Every member at C.O.C. is a Tither and gives liberally and cheerfully.
  • C.O.C. Members put God’s Word first.
  • C.O.C. Members know and keep their priorities
    God – 1st
    Family – 2nd (spouse after God; children next)
    Church – 3rd
    Job – 4th

  • C.O.C. Members are soul winners.
  • C.O.C. Members are diligent, faithful, committed, and loyal in all areas of life.
  • There is no lack in our congregation. Every need is met!
  • Every member of C.O.C. has an excellent job.
  • Every member of C.O.C. walks in Divine Health.
  • C.O.C. Members are not easily offended, and do not take on the offenses of others.
  • C.O.C. Members believe in the family; therefore, there will be no separations or divorces.
  • C.O.C. children are being trained and taught of the Lord; therefore they have great peace, and they live for Jesus; C.O.C. children are also excellent students.