Christian Outreach Center

A.R.K. (Abundantly Righteous Kids)

In 1 Timothy 4:12, the Bible instructs us not to despise or think less of our youth because of their age. In Matthew, Jesus permitted the “little children” to come unto Him after the disciples told them to leave Him alone (Matthew 19:14.)  Our children are very precious to God and He wants them to know Him just as much as He wants adults to know Him.  And, fortunately, it’s never too early for our children to get to know their Heavenly Father and come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. 

C.O.C.’s six to twelve year old ministry, better known as Abundantly Righteous Kids or A.R.K. is based on the belief that children of this age are very capable of learning about the things of God without the message being “watered down.” Our children are taught the same messages that our Pastor is teaching the adults. Our curriculum, approved by the Pastor, teaches the children the unadulterated Word of God in terms that are applicable and relevant to their lives. 

On a weekly basis, A.R.K. students learn about such Godly principles as salvation, faith, prayer, healing and the Holy Spirit. Before each lesson begins, they are given the opportunity to express praise and worship to God through song. Praise and worship is an important element in a believer’s life and the A.R.K. students are encouraged to glorify God with all of their hearts. 

When the A.R.K. kids aren’t busy studying God’s Word in class, they have a myriad of ongoing and seasonal activities that they participate in throughout the year; Summer Vacation Bible School, the A.R.K. Singers Choir, the A.R.K. dancers, and going to Dry Gulch USA, a theme-camp in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. One of the goals of the A.R.K. visionaries is to make sure that the kids feel like they have a place in the church body, and not like they’re just tagging along with their parents. 

The A.R.K. leaders have created a fun tool to help them accomplish this goal – “Manna Market Bucks.”  Manna Market Bucks are A.R.K. currency that the students earn throughout the year for things like church attendance, knowing memory verses, getting good grades on report cards and inviting their friends to church.  The Manna Market Bucks are then redeemed for prizes in the “Manna Market.”  This incentive program really helps keep the kids interested in and excited about getting involved in their church.

So, gone are the days of dropping your kids off in Sunday school, only for them to hear a couple of Bible stories and eat some animal crackers.  C.O.C.’s A.R.K. ministry is changing the face of children’s ministry as we know it! According to one of the A.R.K. workers, “The kids are ready to learn and we’re ready to teach them.”

"Now the company of believers was of one heart and soul, and not one of them claimed anything which he possessed was (exclusively) his own, but everything they had was in common and for the use of all." (Acts 4:32, AMP)